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Personal Self Integration

Understanding our inner selves


A model that offers practical ways of going within to meet our Subconscious or Inner Selves. By way of guided meditations, we meet each of these Inner Selves, which are different energies representing different aspects of our subconscious and conscious minds. Becoming integrated with the subconscious and conscious minds is essential for our healthy and thriving existence. This Archetypal Journey begins with meeting your Subconscious Selves.


In these sessions, we will meet the Inner Selves individually and find out how they affect what is being manifested in our lives. The goal is to listen to what deep fears and desires exist and work toward win-win agreements internally before taking action. The simplistic beauty of PSI is no dogma or precepts required.  It is an agnostic process and works regardless of your religious or spiritual orientation. PSI is a powerful means of transformation that asks you to know yourself, be patient and love yourself in the process and will help with those things if you have not been able to persistently love yourself yet.

The goals of personal self integration:

  • To open up intuition and innate healing abilities
  • To know our shadow aspects as well as our light
  • To integrate ALL aspects of ourselves in a togetherness and co-creative existence
  • To experience our own power and manage our own energies well, not needing power or control of anyone or anything else
  • To experience an inner harmony for healthy and conscious creating
  • To live a connected vertical relationship with the Divine world and the Material world
  • To recognize when in the horizontal modes of fear and use tools to navigate back to the vertical
  • Transcending stressors for the purpose of healthy and conscious transition at the time of death