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“When I first identified my Inner Selves I had an immediate deeper understanding about myself, including insight into the reasons I had made certain prior decisions in my life and the consequences of those decisions. Going forward with these insights, I have been much more successful with the decisions I make and a consequence of those decisions has been a much more harmonious and fulfilled life. I have also noticed that the more I learn about and work with my Inner Selves, the more I am able to recognize and see clairvoyantly the Inner Selves in others and how those selves influence that person’s ongoing life experiences.”

“Each of us embarks upon a lifelong journey of transformation, getting to know ourselves and our place in the world. Along my own journey, learning about my subconscious selves and their role in my psyche and overall consciousness has been invaluable. The ancient Greek Oracles at Delphi encouraged us to “Know Thyself”. Knowledge of our selves is a vital ingredient to fulfill that axiom because understanding the patterns and influences of the selves in our lives serves as a foundation for healthy individuation and healthy personal and social relationships.”

Thank you!