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Medical Intuition & Integrative Healing

Science informs and Spirit heals

What is Integrative Healing

A combined field of healing arts and sciences, which seeks to bridge clinical care, the latest research in internal and external systems with a team-based approach for whole-person care and healing. Science informs and Spirit heals. An integrative approach uses systems-theory and systems-biology called endobiogeny as a means of healing through discovery and understanding.


I am trained in a systems biology approach called Endobiogeny. Endobiogeny is a philosophy of medicine that assesses how the internal (endo-) life (bio-) of the body is generated and sustained (-geny). Working with other trained physicians and partner collectively, we use Endobiogeny and other systems theories to better understand the language of the physical systems of the body as well as how emotions, consciousness and environment affect the totality of who we are. Together we share and grow with our continued desires to see and treat the whole person from an integral team approach.


Why use Endobiogeny? Because the practice of Endobiogeny it is a whole-system approach to healing. The endocrine system is complicated and traditional blood work does not allow for relationships between the organs and systems to tell us a complete story about our physiology.  Endobiogeny looks at structure and function along with many subtle aspects.