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 “The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.”

~ Proverb


From the most outer field to the inner explained:

The Causal Field

This field is where our High Self integrates with our personal fields.   Our High Self is our connection to our vertical energy channel above and below us.  It is also the field that contains information related to our lives, i.e., birthdate, our birth name, the families we were born into, etc.  There is no Outer Self-conscious influence done at this level — what is put in motion for our life experience is already calculated before taking physical form.  If you believe in astrological configurations, this causal field is that information for us to draw upon in this lifetime.  Soul Consciousness resides here.

The Mental Field

This field represents our mental body, our intellect, and the mind. In this domain, we most certainly have dominion to make choices, process intellectually, to think through ideas. Focusing our mind begins to take shape here. Thought forms emanate here including Illusions.  Limiting beliefs, mental constructs, and ideas hang out here. The “commander” of this field is The Mental Judge Self.


Illusions: This term and definition come from the teachings of Dhwjal Khul. Illusions are misconceptions and misinterpretations by the personality of the original thought on the mental plane. Illusions are based on a fragmentation of consciousness, which has departed from wholeness and oneness. The illusion of separation is most common in humanity.  Perceptions of “truth” are often misinterpreted. Example: Believing there is an absolute or ultimate truth. Truth consists of the experience of individual units of consciousness. Truth evolves as our mind and knowledge evolve.  We may benefit from seeing truth as an interactive process stimulated by growth. Clearing Glamours is often needed before clearing Illusions.    

The Astral or Emotional Field

This field represents our emotional body.  In this domain, we can become aware of our feelings and manage how they are processed.  The “commander” of this field is the Astral Judge Self.  Emotions and Glamours begin and are accumulate here.  This field tends to be the most turbulent and the most ignored, until one day something gets our undivided attention, and usually that is our physical body.

 Glamour: This term and definition also come from the teachings of Dhwjal Khul.  Glamours are distortions or complications in the astral body/field, as well as the Planetary Being’s astral field. Glamours produce reactions which complicate situations and relationships. They obscure clear messages and perceptions emanating from our High Self.  Glamours also show up in groups. Examples of Glamours:  Fear what the future brings.  Fear that it is my fault.  Fear that I am alone.  Fear that someone does not like me.  There are much more.  Glamours are possible to clear, and when we do, we individually benefit, our relationships improve and so does the Planet benefit.

Maya: Represents believes common to humanity, that physical plane existence is the only true existence, that any non-physical existence is somehow less real or valid. Maya is a combination of Illusions and Glamours.

The Etheric Body Field

This field represents our etheric body, it contains life-force energy and is a conduit for communication from the other fields surrounding it. There are two main parts to this field, one is about 2 inches from the body and contains meridians and membranes of communicative web-like structures that inter-relate to the physical meridians as well as to the chakras.  The main part, other sits about 4 inches off the body and has a direct relationship to the fields (astral and mental) that surround it and feed into the chakras.  It is at the etheric level that the information bits, bytes, beliefs and emotional packages from the astral and mental bodies get processed before taking on a physical form, such as an imbalance, disorder or disease. This field also has a perfect template of our body.  If there has ever been a surgery or extreme physical trauma, the etheric body holds the imprint of body intact and whole, in its created perfection.  It is best to catch imbalances at this level before going into a more concretized form in the physical body.  Energy healings done by people who know what they are doing, and intentionally sweeping our own etheric fields are very beneficial.  Deep breathing also assists the etheric body with staying clean.

The Physical Body

From our atoms to our skin, this is our obvious and tangible physical structure. Our physical bodies have evolved over time and are very complex intricate structures and systems, to which we only understand a small percentage medically. Our physical well-being is a combination of the health of all the fields mentioned above. The maxim of Garbage in, Garbage out, applies here. Mental, emotional baggage as well as the food we eat and the company we keep.  The Physical body is very adaptive, hence its evolving state.

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