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Children are like flowers. They need to be tended to, nurtured, watered and fed to grow. Many of us did not have childhoods that told us of our preciousness. Some of us did. There will be different challenges for those of us with idyllic childhoods. 

Regardless of upbringing challenges or lack of, we as adults, are not being parented anymore. However our childhood patterns of coping with the very stressors of how mom and dad, grandma, grandpa, guardians or caretakers managed their stress. 

What does it mean that we are not being parented anymore?  It means that we are free to choose and do not need to operate by conditional laws of making others happy. 

How do we become free again? By emancipating our true, authentic and loving selves. How do we emancipate even if our patterns are so deep and old? With awareness. When we have awareness, we have choice.  

Using a guided meditation we reunite the inner child you (part) with adult you (Part). Sometimes there’s reluctance to reunite, and usually, that’s for a reason.  This inner child relationship is our first relationship with trust.  Our inner child may not trust the decisions our adult self has made, and yet this is the beauty of reuniting — to work on building self-love and self-trust. 

The inner child wants freedom, connection, nurturing and to genuinely be loved. If we are doing our own parenting, we have the opportunity to meet our own needs. This is essential because many of us show up in relations wanting others to make us happy and fulfill us — this happiness and fulfillment is first an inside job. Then we have the chance at healthy, balanced relationships.  When we are whole ourselves we can do partnerships well. Two individual selves make for complete partnership.  Relationships are our best teachers, so this does not mean there won’t be challenges, there will be, but to learn not to become the two-year-old in adult situations, we need our inner child on board for adult life.