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Counseling Sessions

How to make the most of our time


You have come to a place of healing, a place where you are seen, heard and supported to restore your health and wellbeing. When we work together, we will go to the heart of matters intuitively and with processes. You will gather tools along the way to further heal and thrive on your own. I will provide you the tools, but to get the most in and out of our sessions, you must be prepared. If you are ready to work, I’ll be right there to work with you. 


I offer a wide variety of counseling services and options:

  • In-person or distance (global) counseling
  • 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, or 120 minute sessions
  • 10-session counseling packages
  • Sliding scale available
  • Bio-Well Health Assessment (must be done in-person)


I am often asked questions about my counseling services, please see several videos answering some of the most frequently asked questions. I.e.,  “Do I need to involve my family in my therapy and counseling?” What does a session entail?” To better equip and prepare you for our time in session, I have given some tips I suggestion for us to work together effectively and efficiently. If you have other specific questions which I have not addressed, please contact me.