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Around 5 years ago, my Mom had been working with Tiffany Barsotti for many years and when we reached a difficult time in our relationship, I suggested a family session. It proved to be incredibly healing, useful and powerful in so many ways.

Tiffany’s ability to not only counsel, but see and feel all the unspoken aspects of our relationship was incredible. I felt like she completely understood the dynamic of not only what we were going through, but as individuals, what we needed from each other to work through the trauma and pain.

I’ve seen Tiffany both in-person and on Zoom and the benefits are always stellar. Tiffany is resourceful, knowledgeable, wise beyond years and incredibly intuitive. She is soft-spoken, calm, yet isn’t afraid to speak the truth and point out the barriers that keep you from moving forward in life. She is more than someone who listens and guides, she teaches and gives you tools that will help you for life!

Tiffany is so many things wrapped up into one amazing healer. Be patient and let her guide you. There are so many wonderful surprises you’ll receive that you never knew you needed; reading materials, personal insights into who you really are and what your purpose is here in this life, bio-well test that can help with sleep, diet, chakras, health matters..the list goes on and on. She is a true gem.

Christine, E California