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Biofield Sciences & Energy Medicine

Where physics and healing energies meets consciousness

What is Biofield Sciences and Energy Healing

We are dynamic and multidimensional beings. In the same way we have come to know of the interactive spheres (atmospheres) around Earth, we may someday scientifically prove similar sphere or fields with specific properties around living organisms. Today, the term “Biofield” is commonly used to identify these fields. Understanding our biofields can provide insights into the bodymind connection and aid in assessing overall health and wellbeing.

Biorhythms and understanding our natural energy

Humans have rhythms like the ocean and the seasons of our planet. There is a technology available today that can help us see some aspects of the subtle energy responses taking place in the body in response to our natural rhythms. The Bio-Well displays a visual health assessment and report of how the body is managing stress at a particular moment in time. This is a great health assessment tool, giving you immediate insights to what is acutely happening in your body.

How energy healing can help

I believe and find strong evidence of these fields in my healing work and daily practice. Further, I find evidence that these biofields contain important information as so many mystics teach, and I listen to this information, use it to ask questions and offer feedback to involve the healee. I believe and know that healing is done by greater powers than myself and I believe we all can be a conduit for healing. My desire is to be that conduit assisting the bodymind to remember how to heal itself.