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Bio-Well is a powerful advanced Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) energy assessment device from Russia. This cutting-edge technology measures the state of a person’s energy field and produces an accurate assessment analysis of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. 

The Bio-Well scan captures bio-photonic energy emissions given off by each finger.and then is mapped to various organs and systems of the body via the traditional Chinese energy meridian system. 

The Bio-Well product consists of a desktop camera and accompanying software. Accessory attachments are also available for purchase to conduct Environment and BioClip scans.


On the basis of Kirlian effect, a team of scientists under the guidance of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov developed the GDV Technique and created a device to produce gas discharge images of human fingers.

The GDV Technique is patented, the hardware passed technical, toxicological and clinical tests; it is registered in the public register of medical equipment in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The GDV Technique has won the recognition of many specialists and together with other electrographic methods is used in medicine, professional sports and fitness, sanatoria and health resorts, the beauty business, various fields of psychology and psychophysiology, and also in basic and applied research.


If you are able to see a demonstration of the Bio-Well device in person, this video is the next best thing. 


If you are local to the San Diego, CA area, schedule an in-person Bio-Well assessment at our HEAL and THRIVE office.

This modern day Kirilian photography device from Russia will measure how your body is managing and adapting to stress. It is a great assessment tool, giving you immediate insights to what is acutely happening in your body.

After your Bio-Well assessment, a full report of the findings will be made available to you. If time allows, there will be an option to do a treatment as well based on the results of the Bio-Well scan.


The Bio-Well Professional Training Series consists of a number of sequential courses taught by Bio-Well experts. The Level I Certification Training Course as taught by Rev. Tiffany Barsotti provides the foundational knowledge necessary to properly measure and quantify readings of the human energy field with a strong emphasis on clinical interpretations and applications using the Bio-Well device. 

Completion of the 2 1/2-Day course will allow participants to achieve Level I Certification, and qualify to take the Level II Training Course taught by Dmitry Orlov, the premier worldwide educator of GDV, EPI and Bio-Well technology.

In addition, we offer a half-day Level I Refresher Course and a one-day advanced Accessories Training Course (prerequisite: Level I Training). 


Quick Start Training Webinars are an intermediary training opportunities intended to provide insights and build interpretation skills for the Bio-Well. These can hold you over before getting to a Certification Training, and add to your knowledge base if you are an experienced user.