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Professional Training Series

Level I Bio-Well Certification Training

Open Registration for Level I Bio-Well Certification Training is available now. Course will be held at The California Institute for Human Science located in Encinitas, CA. 03/20–03/21 9am–5pm

Level I Bio-Well Certification Training

Level I Bio-Well Certification Training – Summer of 2020 on the east coast in Maine.

June 06/25/20 to 06/27/20

Wellspring Institute of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
1013 Old North Berwick Rd
Alfred, ME 04002
(Near Kennebunk, Maine)

For more information about Bio-Well devices and training, contact us at bio-well@healandthrive.com.

Certification & Advanced Training

Learn From The Experts & Master Your Device

Whether you are looking for an introduction to the Bio-Well GDV device, foundational knowledge to support professional usage or advanced learning of the device and accessories, HEAL and THRIVE’s Bio-Well Professional Training Series brings you all that and more.

Orientation Training is complimentary introductory training that comes with the purchase of a Bio-Well device.

Level I Certification Training is sometimes called the Basic Level course and is required for Certification and is a prerequisite for Level II Training. You will receive a certificate as you pass the various parts of the course. The Level I course is usually taught by Tiffany Barsotti. This is a very good course to take a couple of times during your learning development with the Bio-Well. We offer discounted repeater rates for this purpose. Once you are certified and have done 2-3 follow up cases with Tiffany, you will be eligible to be listed on the Bio-Well official website. In addition, you will receive valuable promotions from HEAL and THRIVE including being listed in the HEAL and THRIVE Certified Bio-Well Practitioner Directory. You will also be able to join in a private FaceBook Group for sharing Bio-Well information and cases.

Level I Refresher Course is typically a 1/2-day course and provides a great opportunity to freshen up your skills and prepare for Level II training.

Level II Training (only taught by Konstantin Korotkov and Dmitry Orlov) is an advanced level of Bio-Well training. This course is counted in our education system for overall courses taken. It is also a prerequisite for becoming an Authorized Bio-Well Reseller and/or an Authorized Bio-Well Distributor.

Accessories Course is an optional course for those wanting more information on the various Bio-Well accessories. Dmitry Orlov often teaches this course and explains the how-to’s of the Bio-Well accessories. If you plan to do any research of space, environments inside and outside buildings, this course will be essential.