Level II Training

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  • Dates:  October 7 – 8, 2019
  • Location: California Institute for Human Science, Encinitas, CA
  • Cost:  $595 first-time students; $295 repeat students
  • Group discounts are available. Contact us for more info.
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Advanced Bio-Well Use.

The Level II Training workshop is taught by Dmitry Orlov, the premier worldwide educator of GDV, EPI and Bio-Well technology.  Dmitry is also the inventor of the Eco-Sensor aka Sputnik. This course is for those who have previously completed Level I Certification or those who just completed Level I in the previous session.


Important: While course materials are included, course does not include a Bio-Well device or any equipment.

Level II Training Details

  • Introduction, Basic level knowledge test
  • Repeating the main principles (from Basic level)
  • Practical  test, Discussing results
  • Technical data about the Bio-Well device
  • Construction, main modules
  • How to recognize & fix tech issues
  • How to report and fix software issues
  • Advanced level interpretation
  • Application of the main principles of analysis
  • Difference between stress and pathology patterns


  • Stability and reproducibility of EPI-graphy
  • Case studies: Trainer’s database
  • Case studies: Participant’s database
  • Research with the Bio-Well
  • Rules of making proper research
  • Working with the tables of parameters
  • Integral and specific parameters
  • Statistical comparison of the cases
  • Looking for statistically significant difference between two groups of cases
  • and much, much more…