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Bio-Well Stress & Energy Assessment

Your energy made visible

What is a Bio-Well Stress & Energy Assessment

Bio-Well is modern day Kirilian Photography device from Russia. It measures how our bodies are managing and adapting to stress. This is a great assessment tool, giving you immediate insights to what is acutely happening in your body. A full report of the findings will be made available to you.

If time allows, there is an option to do a treatment as well based on the results of the Bio-Well Scan.


Many clients are referred to me whose origin of disorder is idiopathic, meaning we do not know. Often times the Bio-Well detects the subtle physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual connections to underlying issue(s). The output analysis report and images provided by the Bio-Well offer an opportunity to “see” the connection and correlations to the psycho-emotional-spiritual links to the subtle or acute disorder.  I use the Bio-Well analysis adjunctively to the standard-of-care tests done by the collaborating doctors.

How a stress & energy assessment can help

Sometimes seeing is really believing. The Bio-Well displays a visual assessment of the body’s energy levels and report of how the body is managing stress. In physics the term, entropy and neg-entropy is often used to describe how organized or coherent a system or organ is behaving. Neg-entropy means there is less or no chaos, entropy means there is disorganization and chaos.

Often times on the healing journey, there is chaos before and during the transitional phases. Adaptivity is a dynamic process and the Bio-Well is helpful in detecting real-time activity to aid in assessing a detox program, before and after treatments and subtle core issues.