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“I was thinking of my patients, and how the worst moment for them was when they discovered they were masters of their own fate. It was not a matter of bad or good luck. When they could no longer blame fate, they were in despair.”      

~  Anaïs Nin (1903 – 1977)


This wheel depicts the High Self and the 6 Inner Selves and some of their attributes.  These Inner Selves have specific relationships to the fields or planes around the body. 


An Overview of Personal Self Integration:

Conscious Mind:

1) Outer Self Personality: The conscious mind and physical body. The Outer-Self is the everyday leading or bleeding edge decision maker; the personality we see in the mirror. Like a coach of a team, the desire is to have all your players healthy and able to be in the game. We have free will to choose. Destiny and fate play a role; however, we are all sovereign over our choices.  

Subconscious Mind:

Inhabited by 5 Inner Selves in the subtle energy bodies or biofield:

2) Body Self: Inhabits the etheric body – the etheric body has 2 main parts which inter-relate to each other. (See Chakra and Endocrine relationship, and Etheric Body) The Body Self is greatly influenced by the thoughts and emotions, desires, beliefs and attitudes of the Outer Self as well as the other Inner Selves. The Body Self wants to be appreciated, loved and cherished.

3) Female Self: She is our feminine yin aspect of our being – the Female Self is receptive in nature and relates to relationships of all types.  Female Selves are learning the lessons of love before power.

4) Male Self: He is our masculine or yang aspect of our being – the Male Self is all about taking action and also relates to our relationships, love, business, family, etc.  Male Selves are learning the lessons of power before love.

For healthy and thriving love relationships, the Female and Male selves need to have internal trust of one another and trust the Outer-Self as well and want the love relationships. If this integration is incomplete, the default of how mom and day did relationships will be what plays out.  


There are two Judge Selves of the personality:

5) Mental Judge Self: The archetypal leader of the mental field. This aspect of our Inner Selves ultimately seeks liberation. The Mental Judge Self seeks power and control before it is liberated, and can often be a bully to other Inner Selves or other people. This self can also be very condemning, demeaning, and judgmental to the other inner-selves as well as to others in everyday life. Liberation happens after he/she feels safe to trust and work with the Outer Self and is released of limiting beliefs and deep fears.

6) Astral Judge Self: The archetypal leader of the astral field or plane. The Astral Judge Self has some similarity to the Mental Judge Self, except that the primary source of its grievances has to do with emotions (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, grief, despair, etc.).  Often these emotions are in response to dealing with the Mental Judge Self and the Outer Self’s treatment of the Astral Judge Self.  The Mental Judge Self makes easy prey of the Astral Judge Self.  What both have in common is that they like to create and work and focus on creative projects. 

Superconscious Mind:

7) High Self: lives in the Causal body and radiates down to all aspects of our fields, and is usually seen clairvoyantly 18-24 inches above the head. The High Self as a term is used interchangeably with Guardian Angel or Higher Soul. The High Self is essentially an aspect of the Central Sun that comes to be here with us individually for this life journey. The High Self waits patiently for us to connect and create a relationship. Angelic rules apply here; we must ask. Every once a while there is a Divine intervention, i.e., mystically moved out of the way of a mac truck, or near death experience or the like. It is ideal if we ask and allow for the Highest and best good for all concerned.

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