Level I Bio-Well Certification Training

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  • Dates:  October 3 – 5, 2019
  • Location: California Institute for Human Science, Encinitas, CA
  • Cost:  $595 first time student; $295 repeat student
  • Group discounts are available. Contact us for more info.
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Prepare to become a Bio-Well practitioner.

The Level I Certification Training Course as taught by Rev. Tiffany Barsotti provides the foundational knowledge necessary to properly measure and quantify readings with a strong emphasis on clinical interpretations. Tiffany has been mentored by the inventor, Konstantin Korotkov and Dmitry Orlov and other Russian colleagues for the last 14 years.

This is essential training for your Bio-Well use is the prerequisite for attending the Bio-Well Level II training course. This training prepares you to become a Bio-Well Practitioner.

As a result of this Certification you will have skills to offer your services as a Bio-Well Specialist. After you complete 100 scans of different people, along with participation in the webinars, you will gain Practitioner status and be eligible to be listed on the Bio-Well official website.

Note: Having your own Bio-Well device is not required but is strongly recommended. Please contact Tiffany if you are interested in attending but do not own a Bio-Well. If interested in purchasing a Bio-Well, please make arrangements with Tiffany at least two weeks prior to the course.

Certificates will be made available after proficiency is demonstrated.

Level I Certification Training

  • 2 1/2-day training hands-on workshop
  • Receive foundation knowledge to properly use the Bio-Well device
  • Essential for Certification as a Practitioner of the Bio-Well  
  • Certificates will be made available after proficiency is demonstrated.
  • Completion of course provides prerequisite for Level II Certification Training
  • Recommended reading: The Energy of Health: Understanding Bio-Well Analysis

In this training workshop, you will learn:

  • History of EPI/GDV method
  • Different types of EPI/GDV devices
  • Bio-Well vs GDV cameras
  • EPI/GDV terminology: what we measure
  • What are EP images?
  • EPI is not a medical diagnosis
  • Bio-Well certificates and EPI patents
  • Academic papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • Safety measures
  • Registering your account
  • Using bio-well.com and the Bio-Well forum
  • Software download & installation
  • Main principles of the Bio-Well device
  • Manuals and standard instructions
  • Preparing the device for use:
    • Cleaning the electrode
    • Calibration procedure best practice

Preparing the client:

  • How to capture fingers correctly
  • Fingers positioning
  • What to ask person before scanning fingertips
  • Medical & physical precautions
  • Cheat and expert game
  • Scanning a person standard procedure
  • Measurements with filter


Bio-Well Software:

  • Installing software updates
  • Online and offline mode to capture data
  • Uploading offline captures
  • Software use – function of each available button
  • Different data capturing – Full Scan, After Scan, Stress Test, Environmental mode, Meditation mode

Working with your database of clients and experiments – main rules and functions:

  • Data exchange in Bio-Well
  • BioCor functions and Chakra’s music
  • Comparing Scans
  • Practical demonstration of each mode of measurement (with all types of electrodes)
  • Basic interpretation of the obtained data: Step-by-Step , Tab-by-Tab analysis from integral parameters to sector structural analysis
  • Main problematic sectors on fingers
  • What to comment and not comment during analysis
  • Functional analysis of the data
  • Psychosomatic approach: Chakras interpretation

Final Test:  Applying for the Basic Level User Certification

IMPORTANT: While course materials are included, course does not include a Bio-Well device or any equipment.